Thinking of visiting?

Questions? Don’t be afraid to ask. Our congregation members are friendly and like to share their enthusiasm with others. If they don’t know the answer to your question themselves, they will happily direct you to someone who does.

For many people, a move to a new town, a decision on life’s direction, a re-awakened sense of spirituality, or need for closer community will lead to exploring local churches. This is an important process, and one which we respect at First Congregational. We know no church is perfect for every person, and that everyone who is visiting churches will look at a number of factors in deciding if a certain church is a good fit for them.

Walking into a new church on Sunday morning can be a little overwhelming. There always seems to be lots of happy people chatting with each other, and you’re not quite sure where to go. If you visit First Congregational Church, rest assured that we love answering questions and will help you in any way we can.

This guide is meant to explain some of the basics of our church services, so you can have an idea of what to expect before you arrive.

One of the first questions you may ask yourself is “What should I wear to church?” For us, the answer is: God cares about you, not your clothes. This is reflected on any given Sunday. You will see some folks wearing suits and dresses, and others in jeans and t-shirts. If we had a most common style of dress, it would probably be business casual, though for most people, the key word is comfortable.

The second question may be “Where do I go?” First Congregational Church is at the corner of Losey Boulevard and Main Street in La Crosse. We are right below Grandad Bluff. Our parking lot is across Main Street from the church, and handicapped parking is available directly in front of the church. The church is handicapped accessible in all areas.

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From Labor Day to Memorial Day we have a service each Sunday, at 10:00 am.  Services generally include the message, scripture, hymns, a children’s message, and choir or other music. Sunday School for Kindergarten through 8th grade kids and nursery care for younger kids is provided.

During the summer, we hold one service at 9:30 am. There is summer Sunday School for all kids, and nursery care available.

Generally, you will be greeted at the front door, and then enter the sanctuary. As you enter,  you will be given a bulletin outlining the service, and directing you as to what hymns will be sung, what page they are on, the words for some prayers, and the general outline of the service.

During services, we observe the rites of Baptism and Communion. Baptism occurs irregularly as requested by parents (or those to be baptized). Communion is observed on the first Sunday of each month, as well as at certain special times during Lent, and is open to all Christians. It is performed with bread and grape juice as the elements of communion.

Services last about an hour, and are followed by fellowship and coffee in the community room. Sunday school usually runs about an hour and 15 minutes, giving parents time to get out of services and get a cup of coffee before the kids come back.

This brief outline won’t answer all questions you may have before visiting. Please feel free to call us at 784-8137 with any questions you may have. We’re looking forward to seeing you!


Live by faith, embody love, proclaim hope, and seek justice.