Our Staff

Our congregation has a wonderful staff of five people dedicated to the daily function of our church and it’s ministries. Many thanks to Bob Zettler for these photographs.

Parish Visitor Audrey Kader

Audrey began serving as Parish Visitor in July 2004, and is responsible for coordination pastoral care for those who are in need. She is a long-time church member with wide-ranging knowledge of the various services available from the county, city and other organizations. She is the parent of three grown children.

Email:  audrey@firstcongolax.org

Organist and Choir Director Nancy Allen

Nancy began in August 2001. She is on the music faculty at Viterbo University, and has extensive experience with choral conducting. Nancy has a Bachelor of Music from Viterbo College and Master of Music from University of Northern Iowa.

Office Manager Kristi Wolf

Kristi has been with the church since November 2000. She brings extensive experience and training to this position, Kristi and her husband Frank are the parents of Jesse and Alex.

Email: kristi@firstcongolax.org

Financial Secretary Pamela Kendall

Pamela began her work with the church in March 2007, and became a member of our congregation in 2008. Pamela has many years of experience in business, accounting, and finance, most recently at UW-L. She has two wonderful grandsons.

Email: pamela@firstcongolax.org



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